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Top Notch Dedicated Server Is Here

Get ready to enjoy high-level services with us Omni Links. Running a website means one need a nonstop service as even a one-second downtime can result in big issues. So, you don’t want to enter such a scenario then the best and only is to Buy Dedicated Server by Omni Links. With our dedicated server, you will get access to RAM, computing power, storage and much more. Plus we have a dedicated team who work day and night to offer you the best services.

Choosing the right provider for Dedicated Servers In Pakistan is a tough task as it has to meet the need of the client’s requirement. Your exploration ends here as we are the best in the field and will offer you with powerful configuration, security, and storage features. Choose the dedicated servers without worrying about the rates as we offer the affordable rates clubbed with many offers and discounts.

Intel Xeon E3v44c/8t – 3.0GHz /3.5GHz32GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz2x2TB SATAUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 180/mOrder Now
Intel Xeon D-15204c/8t – 2.2GHz /2.7GHz32GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz2x2TB SATAUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 200/mOrder Now
Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 (32GB)
4c/8t – 3.8GHz /4.2GHz32GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz2x2TB SATAUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 200/mOrder Now
Intel Xeon-D 1540
8c/16t – 2.1GHz /2.6GHz32GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz2x2TB SATAUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 210/mOrder Now
Intel Xeon E3v4 (64GB)
4c/8t – 3.0GHz /3.5GHz64GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz2x2TB SATAUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 220/mOrder Now
Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 (64GB)
4c/8t – 3.8GHz /4.2GHz64GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz2x2TB SATAUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 240/mOrder Now
Intel Xeon E5-1650v3
6c/12t – 3.5GHz /3.8GH128GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz2x2TB SATAUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 300/mOrder Now
Intel Xeon D-1521 (6x8TB 48TB)
4c/8t – 2.4GHz /2.7GHz16GB DDR4 ECC 2133MHz6x8TB 48TBUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 400/mOrder Now
Intel 2x Xeon E5-2650v3
20c/40t – 2.3GHz /3GHz256GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz2x2TB SATAUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 550/mOrder Now
Intel 2x Xeon E5-2687Wv4
24c/48t – 3GHz /3.5GHz512GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz2x4TB SATAUnlimited (1Gbps)$ 1300/mOrder Now

Why choose Omni Links for Dedicated servers?


What does one look out while choosing Dedicated Server Providers? The answer is fully loaded servers. So, here is the solution. We at Omni Links will offer you with the most excellent dedicated servers equipped with 1Gps unmetered bandwidth, inbound bandwidth, etc. Don’t worry as there will be no extra charges for the bandwidth charges. You can easily enjoy the benefits of bandwidth by choosing any of our packages. To help you enjoy the access of the server, we will provide you with root access control. Yes, you can easily access your account from any corner without any network issues.


Choosing our Dedicated Server Hosting will help you with many additional features, and here you can manage the data with ease. At first, we will provide you with a dashboard. The dashboard will enable you to manage the accounts, support, billing, and many more features. If you want to pick any control panel add-ons, then we have wide options for the same too like Cpanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. In addition to that, you will also get options in Operating system too. We will provide you with Windows, Suse, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, CentOS, and many other renowned ones. So, freeze the deal now and start accessing


Omni Links offers the best and powerful hardware for the dedicated servers. Do you want to know the features of the same then stay tuned with us? First of all, we are equipped with SuperMicro Intel, Multi-core, Multi-processor servers with free hardware and state of the art generation datacenters. You can also take the benefit of managed Cisco and HP networking equipments. Our dedicated servers can be used from multiple locations by multiple providers as well. This way you can sit anywhere in the world and utilize the best of our servers with the most excellent features and benefits.


We have the best team who are experienced in this respective field. Thus, we can assure you of the latest technology, high-end hardware, and the finest network equipments to access the dedicated servers. All of these together will enhance the performance of the websites in the long run. Further, our team of experts and pro tech developers will ensure constant development of the servers by adding it up with new and latest technologies.


Don’t get strained about the security of the dedicated servers. We are one of the dependable providers of Dedicated Server In Pakistan. We will provide you with anti-DDoS protection that will be accessible with all the servers. In addition to that each of our dedicated servers can store a large amount of data in one go. Here you will get automatic backup and restore options as well. In the future, if you are willing to increase the storage, then you can get it done.


Are you concerned about the monetary aspect with respect to the dedicated server you are planning to attach with your business? In such a scenario, we are here with an amazing list of plans. You can pick up any of the plans based on your said requirement. We will also help you with various customization features as well.

At Omni Links, we offer a range of plans connected to dedicated servers. It starts at 150$ per month and goes on accordingly. So, choose the one that suits your requirement, or you can also take the help of our support team too.