Business Email Service

OX Mail Only Devices

10GB Storage Per Account

Inbuilt Virus Protection

Works on Mobile and Tablets

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Business Email

The fist requirement that business houses look forward is the access control of the business emails. With our Business Email Services, you will get all the benefits. Here you can access the email in both laptop and smartphones too without any hitch. Our emails are powered by Open Xchrage. This technology will also help you to manage and track your emails at an extended level. In simple words, you can customize your emails with calendars, contacts, and tasks.

Don’t worry about how much space you will be able to make use of with our business emails. We will offer you with complete 5 GB storage. Along with this, you can also view your social media inbox too in the same panel. Along with this, we will provide best of our services with 100% Uptime.

When it comes to protection, we turn out to be the best catch in terms of Business Email Providers. Our business emails are equipped with high-end protection with antivirus technology. So, all your emails will go through the filtration process, and there will be no chance of spam or any or virus.

Business Email Services

Business Email


Looking out for some top-notch and organized Enterprise Email Services at a good price? We at Omni Links will proffer you with all set professionals email listing with a free instant messenger to connect with your customers all round the clock. The emails are powered by Open-Xchange 7 platform that will let you do all the managing and customization in just a few clicks.


Running an enterprise with millions of email ids is really a tough task. But with us, you can easily control the emails from any device you are using be it Smartphone, notebook, laptop, etc. Our services are controlled by POP3 and IMAP Access. It will let you connect your customers no matter which device or operating system you are making use of. Plus you can make number of emails for your business.


Being one of the trusted Enterprise Email Providers we are open to help our customers with just the best. Here you have all the leverage to name your email the way you like. Name is nothing but the brand identification so the customer can reach the business without any doubt or queries. You can create your business name emails with us as pe your required specifications and priorities.


Worried about security then don’t be as we will provide ClamAV protection and in-built virus protection. Here all your email will be protected. We take extra efforts to cut down the spam and virus. Thus your email and other data are protected.


Last but not the least, we offer our clients with whopping 30 GB storage per account. Here you can create as many mailing lists you need and at the same time can control social media accounts emails as well. So, what are you waiting for, make your email list now.


Being one of the trusted Enterprise Email Providers we are open to help our customers with just the best. Here you have all the leverage to name your email the way you like. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed

Incoming & Outgoing Email Filtration

Both incoming and outgoing emails need to be filtered. It is because even a minor glitch can create a lot of mess. Thus we offer top safety features for emails with 100% accuracy rates. We promise to offer you with accurate filleting for both sides of emails.

Here with our email safety features, we also provide you with a user-friendly interface. There is no requirement to be a tech giant to use the interface as it is extremely easy. You can easily configure the email and can avoid blacklisting as well.

No matter what kind of mail server are you using as our Incoming & Outgoing Email Filtration services is compatible with any kind of mail servers.

Our team works day and night to offer our clients with all the benefits, and one such is backup and restore. You will not even lose a single email.