About Us

Omni Links is the indispensable partner of OL Technologies LTD (Company Number: 13996580) in the UK, delivering an extensive array of digital services. Their expertise encompasses digital marketing, domain registration, web hosting, app and web development, IT consultancy, cloud solutions, and dedicated server management.

With an acute understanding of the UK market, Omni Links devises bespoke digital marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement for OL Technologies Ltd. Simultaneously, their domain registration services secure a robust online presence. Omni Links also ensures uninterrupted website performance through their web hosting services and empowers OL Technologies Ltd. with cutting-edge app and web development, strategic IT consultancy, and the flexibility of cloud solutions, along with the reliability of dedicated servers. Omni Links is dedicated to elevating OL Technologies Ltd.’s digital prowess in this dynamic digital landscape.


Omni Links envisions becoming the foremost catalyst for OL Technologies Ltd.’s digital triumph, pushing boundaries in digital solutions, and setting new standards of excellence in the digital landscape.


Our mission is to consistently deliver bespoke digital services to OL Technologies Ltd., fueling their expansion, encouraging innovation, and providing steadfast support to help them maintain a commanding presence in the UK market.