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Manage Unlimited Contacts

Do you have an unending list of customers? First of all, this is a positive sign for your website or blog but alongside it might be tricky to extend your reach to such a level. But don’t worry, with our email marketing services you can effortlessly manage any amount of emails, along with their valuable details. Our contact tools will help you in smoothing the promotional email campaigns in one step.

Why Omni links Should Be Your First Choice For Email Marketing?


Our Email marketing services will aid you in creating beautiful and mind blowing campaigns in any numbers. This is the finest technique to grab the eyeballs of the customers and along with this bringing in new visitors too. You can easily pick a template of your choice and go on with the editing. The entire steps are extremely easy to carry out and can be done in few clicks.

A/B Test

If you are not sure of how your email campaign looks and whether it is responsive or not then here is the solution for the same. In that case, the best way to get your answer is through A/B test. Just create your campaign and perform a test first to the respective email. This will give you the idea and responsiveness of the page. Based on the same you can carry on next steps.


The email marketing features will also proffer you with many optimization features using which you can come into the visibility of your customers and respective audience. Using this, you can know the best time to reach to your customer’s email inbox. Plus you will also receive advanced reports after every single campaign to check the engagement and likewise.

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